LSDoplňovanie poslucháčov do kurzov v septembri 2010
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Virtuálna prehliadka
Brána jazykov
(English language)
BA: 4007900579/7500
  ID 317 862 78
Dohovorme sa
(other languages)
BA: 4007896098/7500
ID 317 862 86

Courses information:
Projects awarded by the European Language Label

Additional slots for new students - entries in September 2010

Registering to 1st grade (all languages) continues in the school office at Palisády 38, daily from 11.00 am to 4.30 pm, from 02/09/2010 until 09/09/2010. Courses at Vazovova 14 continue to register from 06/09/2010 at the location. Announcements about more free spaces for new students will be displayed on notice boards in both school buildings after 09/09/2010. Registering will be open with the specific teachers.


Entrance exams for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th grade for 2010/2011 from 06/09/2010.

Enterance exams are held for specific courses at their scheduled times. Contact the respective teachers for detailed information about the course and exam times. The courses schedule can be found at Palisády 38, ground floor notice board, or online (in Slovak).

Exam fee is 2 €.

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